Alas, poor Yorick

Alas, poor Yorick
Turtle Skull borrowed from the Bimini SharkLab

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Well, I completed the first paint job I've ever done on a firearm today.
I really liked the Predator camo patterns that Paul provided the link to, so I tried to emulate their general style. After all the talk about how some camo jobs still end up looking like a brown or green stick when viewed at a distance, I decided that a few black strokes would be certain to break up the outline so that it wouldn't look like some long, linear object - possibly a rifle.

I think Mark (Shooter) is gonna kick me arse. Being a clueless newbie to this sort of project, and not having much artistic talent anyway, I think I might have painted a wee bit too many black strokes. I wanted the "tiger" effect, but I might have overdone it a tad :-) I will wait for the weather to improve a bit, then I'll take the rifle out and place it in the woods. I'll back off and take some photos to see how it looks from a distance. Then I'll try it on some rocky ground in the hills. (As Gary said, most of Montana really is brown the better part of the year.) If it doesn't work, I can hit it again with some field drab or dark brown to cover some of the black.

This is my HK91. Next I'll do the AR, and then I thought I might try to do my Ruger Redhawk. I never much liked stainless as a finish. Let's see what it looks like with a mild camo finish, or maybe just a solid color, like Flat Earth. Anyway, feel free to comment, but - be gentle ;-)

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